Kristaps Auziņš

Game developer from Latvia who fell in love with games as a child. He runs an indie dev company SimDevs (Area 86 game).

Karolis Balčius

Producer, sound designer, mixing and mastering engineer, mostly making sounds for commercials, CG, and video games.

Aleksey Belyaev

Lead Sound Designer at Wargaming.

Eric Cochonneau

Art director with 20+ years of work on multiple AAA projects for PC, consoles, online and mobile platforms. Currently at Wargaming.


Marijam Didžgalvytė

Independent journalist, games and technology industries critic, author at GamesIndustry.biz, Kotaku, The Guardian and other outlets.

Martynas Klimas

Computer games reviewer at 15min, PC Invasion, PCGamesN, Wargamer, Strategy Gamer websites. Tabletop games fan.

Vytautas Luk

Vytautas Lukaševičius

Games and games industry reviewer. One of the authors of YouTube games review channel Done Right.

Alexander Pan’kov

Creative Director with wide experience in different design and management fields. Currently Product Manager at Wargaming.

Vytis Puronas

Sound designer and editor, mostly working in the film industry, with credits in Nova Lituania, Summer Survivors, The Saint and many other productions.

Artūras Rumiancevas

One of GameOn organizers, games industry reviewer, critic and fan.

Jāzeps Rutkis

Game developer, manager and instructor, currently at the Berlin-based Kolibri Games. Board member of the Latvian Game Developers Association.

Adomas Rutkauskas

Technology and science journalist at Lietuvos Rytas. One of the organizers of Lituanicon festival.

Artūrs Silanžs

Electrical engineer filling his free hours with interest in gamedev, pixel art, game jams especially! Look for Fireskelet.

Gediminas Skyrius

Freelance illustrator and concept artist, with many projects in the animation, games, publishing industries.

Maksim Starostenkov

Lead game designer with more than eight years at Wargaming.


Aurelija Vaitkevičiūtė

Product reviewer at 15min URBAN, gaming product manager at Topo Centras, earlier worked with GameOn and ŽaismoDNR.

Emilija Visockaitė

Culture and music critic, content editor at Music Information Centre Lithuania.

Renaldas Zioma

Heavily contributed to Unity Technologies growth and together with dedicated teams developed Unity for iOS platform. Currently working with AI development at Unity Labs.